About Irina

Engagement Rings by Irina Inc. is a luxury custom made jewelry company created by a Professional designer. 

After working over 8 years for many brands and famous jewelry companies, Irina set her own path of self-discovery and transformation to become a one of a kind artist and entrepreneur. Her first step was to open a store on Etsy called Custom Made by Irina (BridalRings).  After 3 years and 900 sales with about 300 great reviews she proved to herself and many others that it is possible to trust and get High Quality Fine Jewelry in online world.

Pink Sapphire Diamond ring custom made by IrinaBlack Diamond in rose gold rings.

When Irina first launched her "Vine and Leaf Wedding Bands" collection she was stunned how many brides were actually looking for that bohemian and comfortable style.

"I rarely get to meet my customers in reality but when I do it's an incredible experience for me. Once I met a couple Cat & Peter and they were astounded by their matching wedding bands created be me. Cat told me that she was looking for this style band for over 5 months. She almost gave up. But once she found my store she just clicked BUY. Stories like that keep me going and inspire me to create for my Dear Customers. Understanding that you can give what people want means you are on the right track."

Leaves and Vines Wedding band

Irina easily can join unique and modern with vintage and timeless thus creating new breathtaking designs that can be worn for any occasion.

The main reason to evolve and make this special rings was to show that Engagement and Wedding rings can be personalized, different from each other, unique and handmade only for you.

In this world we don't wear same shoes and same clothes, we don't think the same way so why we all should wear the same Copy/Paste rings with that regular diamond halo? Do you want something exceptional, extraordinary and outstanding?

Welcome to custommadeweddingrings.com


Blue Sapphires eternity band. Wedding ring.Asymmetric Cluster rings.

Irina has another good news for you.

"You don't have to break your bank to own a Handmade Timeless ring custom created based on your style and your vision." - Irina K.

Show yourself and your special one how much he/she means to you by choosing the best.

What's the key to success?

"Today, my returning customers bring with them new customers. It's the main key to success. It was my goal and I am living my dream." - Irina K.

From this store you can purchase something exclusive, extraordinary, made with love only for you.

Each and every piece is custom made in USA California from start to finish. 



For any kind of questions.

Email us at  original.jewelry@yahoo.com